Bad Guys

Don't Fight Fair

Learn how to survive a serious fight. The police/security/alarms will not be there to help you when you are faced with a violent threat. Traditional Martial Arts training for athletics/competition does not prepare you real-world violent encounters. You need highly specialized training from a qualified instructor to develop reliable real-world combat skill.
Our training is uncomplicated, requires no athletic ability, and allows you to develop serious prowess in a short period of time.

How to Survive A Serious Fight

Learn How To Survive A Serious Fight

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Don't Be A Victim

Learn highly effective Close Quarters Combat Skills!

Learn the skills and tactics of Close Quarter Battle (CQB) as taught to elite special forces soldiers, SWAT Operators, and high-risk security professionals the world over. Unlike conventional "martial arts" techniques meant for sports competition, you will learn combat-tested methods to protect your life under the direst circumstances.

No Weapon is a Substitute for Skill.

You need to develop the skill-set to be effective in close quarters combat whether-or-not you have access to your firearm or another weapon.

Train for Realistic Attacks and Situations

Bad guys don't attack with predefined movements like those taught in many martial arts programs and training.

No Prior Training Required

You don't need previous training to benefit from our program.

Effective Regardless of Age or Gender

Our program does not rely on body size or strength and anyone can learn these skills.

Are You a CPL Holder?

  • Obtaining a CPL is only a preliminary step in preparing for a violent encounter
  • No weapon is a substitute for skill
  • You need to develop the skill-set to be effective in combat whether-or-not you have access to your firearm.
  • The skills taught in this class are highly complementary to firearms training.
  • This course is not based on traditional or sport-oriented martial arts. Skills can be learned and acquired quickly.
These methods have been taught to military Special Forces and police SWAT all over the world. Take advantage of training that can save your life, whether you carry or not.

Learn How To Survive Deadly
Encounters With

  • Tactical Edged / Impact Weaponry
  • Ballistic Empty Hand Striking
  • Combat Grappling
  • Controlling Space
  • Weapon Retention / Proper Clearing
  • Making use of “Weapons of Opportunity”

Instructor - Jeff Davidson

Guru Jeff Davidson is an internationally recognized instructor of edged weapon and empty-hand combat skills. He has taught martial arts in Michigan since 1985. Guru Davidson has conducted seminars on various specialized CQC fighting disciplines for diverse groups of students in North America, South America, West Africa, and Israel.


  • Philippine Force-recon Marine Corps
  • Crisis Response Group (CRG) Of The Philippine Counter Terrorism Task Force
  • Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Of The Philippine Aviation Security Group (ASG)
  • Special Action Force Commandos (SAF) Of The Philippine National Police
  • Presidential Security Forces Of The Republic Of Togo
  • Michigan Tactical Officers Association
  • Wayne County Schoolcraft Police Academy
  • Wayne, Oakland, Macomb And Washtenaw County Law Enforcement Agencies.


Guro Davidson’s class introduces effective martial arts skills that are far superior to those typically taught in the U.S.A. This course will enlighten the trainee not just to techniques, but an entire philosophy of Defensive Tactics. I highly recommend this class!

R.L., Oakland County Sheriff Department

I’ve been an officer for over 12 years and am certified in two states as a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor. The first 2 hours of Jeff Davidson’s class blew the past 12 years of my training away!

T.P., City of Troy Police Department

As a long time martial artist, I was very impressed with Guro Davidson and his instructors. This was the most effective Police self defense class I’ve ever had in my 19 year career.

M.B., City of Eastpointe Police Department.

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